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Register with us - register your charity or add a branch

You can only register with Tesco for collection activity if you are already registered with the Charity Commission, and have been for at least 2 years. You will need a Registered Charity Number to proceed.

Note: Tesco does not allow

  1. Collections for political causes
  2. Collections for international charities
  3. Collections for individual fundraising (e.g. sponsored walks/marathons/treks etc.)
  4. Collections conducted by third party professional fundraising agencies
  5. Selling, including raffle tickets, tombolas or cake sales
  6. Collection of customers' contact details or direct debit information

You must have public liability insurance for a minimum of £1 million in order to conduct a collection at Tesco.

Step 1: Registered Charity Number

Please enter your Registered Charity Number and click ‘Check’.

Remember to include leading zeroes (e.g. 0123456) and country prefixes (e.g. SC012345)